Crew member Frank Muytjens of the brand’s first-ever series sunglasses

J.Crew is one has to go to the Gq in tons of guys that one-stop service for their perfect staple of stock, without the price tag-induced sweat after the purchase. Good reputation this week get another oakley eyeglasses stimulus, the brand launched the first series of sunglasses. The shades affordable construction consisting of high quality acetate, including scratch-resistant lenses and 100% UV protection. Even if the hinges are designed to provide quality considerations, because each fixed with four screws, so they go on for years, rather than months.

“We always pinched something taken away from their ordinary, which is what makes us us. “Head of J.Crew men’s design, described in Frank Muytjens told us when including a refurbished classic menswear shapes. Has a reduced pilot (Jack, $ 98), and a perfect round frame (SAM,$ 118)-both which see oakley eyeglasses Muytjens or double denim shirt and Cardigan, and advanced rectangle (Owen, $ 118), this was his favorite suit or cashmere t for more formal days.

No matter when you come home you want to call them, these count as a shade more than a lot of temptation in J.Crew both inconvenient and easy to justify.

Santa Barbara Police are investigating the stabbing that occurred in West Street, Figueroa on Wednesday afternoon at about 12:30.

Officials said two people were involved in the fighting at the front of the players ‘ Lounge. A man apparently threw another sunglasses sports bar on the roof. At this time, police say, who owns sunglasses man stabbed the victim three times, once in the face and twice in the arm.

The victim, a man in his more than 20 years old, was taken to the hospital, but police said his injuries were not life-threatening.

Suspect allegedly left the scene of the crime, and then return, to surrender.

J.Crew designers Jenna Lyons bend pilot so better add features after a photo of herself wearing her signature shades. “Every time I see a picture of my own, I put the pilot, I thought, ‘ Oh, ‘” Jenna Lyons told the New York Times. “They have a tendency to, down to the top of the glass to lift away from your brow with the topping on the bottom of your face they are not flattering photos-I know it sounds silly, but for us, this is a very big thing. ”

Sunglasses from J.Crew to be sold for the first time is all about the details. Regardless of the focus of Lyon is a picture perfect pilots or working in a four screw hinge, this is extra smooth durable, and has a subtle J.Crew brand. “This is our way to stamp our sunglasses and show that we pay attention to the details,” Lyons said.

J.Crew also has men on the sun deck. There are three frame-Jack, classic aviators; rectangular Owen; and Sam-each of the three colors to choose from, there are nine styles.

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