High-Tech Workout Shades Have Built-in Personal Trainer

At Press Camp 2016, we had a look and sample of Ryders Eyewear, and came away impressed with the Canadian company’s offerings. But just south of the Canadian border, Vermont-based Julbo USA has quietly offered up glasses based on some of the same technology, with anti-fog, photochromic, and hydrophobic NXT lenses that make a strong case for being ideal for cyclocross.fake oakleys sale  x squared 

Oakley Polarized Sunglasses SQUARE WIRE™ OO4075-06

And while Ryders’ Fyre glasses won’t be out until after cyclocross season, Julbo’s NXT-based glasses are available now.The nose pads bend in, but the lower half of them are flexible, and the pads are small in footprint. However, the fully-bendable temples on the Zephyr ensured a snug fit and made the nose piece a non-issue.oakley knockoffs sale  dast jacket ,The shades have got anti-fog inner coating and there’s a rubberized unobtanium nosepiece to ensure a secure fit so that they don’t slide around on your nose while moving around.

The ear stems are also compatible with communications tech.The $449 specs are available on Oakley’s website and select retail stores now. In a statement, Luxottica Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Scott Smith called the new headset the “ultimate hands-free training wearable that will push the boundaries of smart eyewear.” oakley knockoffs sale

The test pair we received offered a pretty versatile tint with great clarity. Our test pair was also the larger of the EVZero options, the Range, while a slightly smaller EVZero Path is also available.cheap fake oakleys,  Both the EVZero Range and Path share the minimalitst design and gossamer weight as well as Oakley’s Prizm lens technology designed to enhance vision detail.

Designed in conjunction with Intel, the Radar Pace lets you simply say “start workout,” “heart rate,” “what’s my pace,” or several other statements, and the glasses will provide you the answer. They’re also contextually aware, so you can ask follow-up questions to your initial queries, a novel feature for fitness-tracking devices.


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